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One Vision Medical Company is a Saudi limited liability company established in late 2020 with commercial registration 4030406907, a company specialized in selling cosmetics, care and medical supplies through international and private brands.

Innovation and creativity is our strategy and approach to expressing beauty.

In one vision we add elegance to beauty.

We are proud that we have a highly specialized and experienced Staff in cosmetics, always striving to develop our products to achieve the ambitions of our partners and meet their desires.

We pledge to adhere to quality and safety standards and the requirements of the Saudi and International Food and Drug Authority



We provide a variety of cosmetics, skin care products, medical and health supplies, and everything an individual needs through beauty clinics, medical centers and pharmacies around the Kingdom. With full logistical support 24 hours a day, based on the following criteria: quality – speed – reliability

Mesotherapy Products

Mesotherapy is the injection of natural ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and herbs into the skin. The benefits are not just better skin. Mesotherapy can help reduce cellulite, improve blood circulation, and strengthen muscles.

Filler Products

The filler is taken from filling, and it is a substance used for injection under the skin, and is used to hide wrinkles and scars. In this case, the filler is used to fill the spaces under the skin .

Plasma products

Platelet Rich Plasma, abbreviated PRP, means platelet-rich plasma,which is a serum that is drawn from the person’s own blood and is rich in factors that help in cell growth and activate stem cells in the relevant place and re-inject them into the body to stimulate it.

Skin & Personal Care Products

Soon in your hands, we are currently working on providing the best care products, and we are always keen to get the best for you.

 firm cocktail5ml x 20 vials

CL cocktail5ml x 20 vials

Sc cocktail5ml x 20 vials

Regen cocktail5ml x 20 vials

Lift cocktail5ml x 20 vials

Local cl cocktail5ml x 20 vials

Hair cocktail5ml x 20 vials

Bio oxin cocktail5ml x 20 vials

DPG PRP Blue 10ml

DPG PRP Gold 12ml

DPG PRP Platinum 15ml

Volomis Medium

Volomis Strong

Coming Soon

Our brands


We are proud of our strategic partnerships with the best international companies that have success and wide spread worldwide.

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